Study progress


This service provides access to information about an individual student's progress (studievoortgang) within his education

Rest resources

Current version of this service: 0

Base URL :

studievoortgangGETReturns study progress (studievoortgang) for the authenticated student.?oauth_token=<tokenstring>
studievoortgang/<studentnummer>GETReturns study progress (studievoortgang) for the authenticated student. Specified student number must correspond with account used to get OAuth access token.?oauth_token=<tokenstring>


Studievoortgang is a OAuth authenticated service. For information on OAuth see page OAuth.

For information on general RestProxy parameters see RestProxy/Parameters


The following is the output of the request: (of course this will only work with a valid oauth_token

	"getStudievoortgangByStudentnummerResponse" : {
		"studievoortgang" : {
			"studentnummer" : "1234567",
			"opleiding" : "M-AE",
			"opleiding_naam" : "Master Aerospace Engineering",
			"opleiding_naam_en" : "Master Aerospace Engineering",
			"examentype" : "M",
			"examentype_omschrijving" : "Master",
			"examentype_omschrijving_en" : "Master",
			"specialitatie" : "-",
			"specialitatie_naam" : null,
			"specialitatie_naam_en" : null,
			"examenprogramma" : "AE-M-DIOAR",
			"examenprogramma_naam" : "Master Aerospace Engineering Track 2 DIOAR",
			"examenprogramma_naam_en" : "Master Aerospace Engineering Track 2 DIOAR",
			"minimum_punten_examenprogramma" : "120",
			"behaalde_punten_basisprogramma" : "77",
			"voldaan" : "N"