Welcome to the documentation site for api.tudelft.nl. This site aims to provide you with information pertaining to the opendata-resources that are provided by Delft University of Technology. 


With this API you will be able to program your own apps or widgets based on TU Delft data such as courses, education programmes, timetables, computer rooms and buildings. Combined with the new OAuth layer based on the SURFconext platform you will also be able to use the data of your own exam results or provide a service to your customers to view their exam results in a safe and secure way.

The services are indirectly connected to the administrative systems of the TU Delft and provide real and actual data.


The published data is open data. It is public, free of any copyrights, published by means of open standards, is computer readable and can be (re-)used freely by anybody.

For a Dutch definition of open data see: https://data.overheid.nl/handreiking/wat-is-open-data


This is the very first release of the TU Delft opendata services. The current version zero releases are likely to contain both technical and logical issues. Please let us know your experiences and ideas! We are aiming on continually improving the services.